Greenway Gardens

She's the plant whisperer!

It’s time: let’s chat potted trees and plants! How could anyone miss the amazing planters from The All Year Outdoor Room?! We teamed up with seasoned landscape designer Janet Baruch of Greenway Gardens, and never looked back! Janet is beloved by all who know her, and if you are ever lucky enough to meet her, you will be smitten! She has a flawless eye for landscape design and the greenest thumb on earth.

She’s a great example of why bringing in the experts from their fields is always ideal! Initially my team and I wanted to have thyme growing between the bluestone (we thought that would look pretty!) But she rightly cautioned against our idea, explaining that while it’s a pretty effect and lovely in some applications, it would be a nightmare to maintain and water on a terrace this large. Instead, she suggested the fabulous pattern that you now see in the virtual renderings – what a smart cookie! Below is a little detail of that very pattern from one of her real projects that is currently underway.

And here is a plan view of this design from The All Year Outdoor Room. Flawless, Janet! We hope many of you try this pattern on your own terrace – it’s a fantastic twist on a standard harlequin pattern.

We also loved her idea of mature Japanese Maples placed in clean pots without any filler. They are striking and architectural in their own right so why gild the lily?! We love the “restraint” in Janet’s designs! She carefully chose every plant you see on the terrace, and she wanted to share all of that with you lovely readers at the end of the Design Guide. Below is a glimpse into her mind’s eye – I could look at Janet’s sketches all day!

Simply put: Beg, borrow or steal to hire Janet! I’ve had the thrill of working with her on my own yard and have recommended her to friends, family, and clients. She will magically transform your property into something you never dreamed it could be, but best of all, it’s always fun going “from drawing to digging” when Janet is deftly wielding her green thumbs!

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