Don't sit on E.T.

This article is going to expose my expiration date because I played with this little E.T. doll as a kid.


The bizarre fabric (one not found in nature) and weird folds of this toy left a big impression on my little psyche, allowing me to name a whole variety of furniture, “E.T. Furniture.” Look below if you think your eyes can handle it.

E.T. Furniture is ploppy and blobbly and slippery, and defies logic by being both dated and futuristic at the same time. It comes in a variety of colors – colors you never knew “leather” could be beaten into – and somehow, it always appears both overstuffed and deflated – how is that possible? Everything about this kind of furniture confounds me.

The only thing that’s crystal clear about E.T. Furniture is this: if you have it, begin planning its exit from this galaxy. Here’s how you can say goodbye without turning the gold card platinum!

The best leather sofas often cost a fortune because they’re made of the finest hides and are impeccably constructed. I made it my mission to find stellar choices that feel high-end but are still within the realm of reason.

These are some of my favorite leather sofas that would make excellent replacements in a variety of styles and price points. Unlike E.T. furniture, a great leather sofa or chair with the right silhouette is timeless! Clean lines give a classic aesthetic that works in a traditional or contemporary space, while tufting lends a look that’s luxe. And don’t forget the details! Wooden contrasts lend a sleek mid-century modern feel, while unique stitching adds textured character.

What I love most about leather is how forgiving it is – it just keeps improving with age. There’s nothing quite so lovely as a worn, well-loved leather sofa that bears no relation to an alien!

Happy Shopping!




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