Great Deals

The Look for Less

We always say to buy the best you can afford because usually, a higher price tag really does mean better quality in the world of interior design. Generally more expensive furniture is better made and will stand the test of time . . . BUT . . . if you really do need to dial back the budget, here are some "looks for less" that are a suitable Plan B.

An amazing rug for an amazing price

We like to share a good thing when we find it, and this rug is just that! Made of 100% wool, it is incredibly durable and it's reversible! We have seen almost identical rugs for twenty times the price in high-end show rooms and stores across the country, but this one is a steal!

Bang For Your Buck Pendant

Whenever I see something that looks far more important and expensive than it really is, I just have to share it! I have this Lowe's pendant hanging over my corner of our office. (Nope, this image is not from episode of Hoarders – though I do love that show!) So flawless, this killer light looks similar to those I’ve seen in top showrooms and high-end stores all over the country, yet it’s crazy inexpens

Mother of Pearl Knob

I love it when I find something that elevates a space for a reasonable price, and these knobs do just that! Made of brass and mother of pearl, they are a heavy and well sized. They feel expensive in your hand, look expensive on your cabinetry, and they won’t turn the gold card platinum.