Making a Statement with Fabulous Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be expensive! If you are looking for a big effect for little money, why not pick a small space to cover with your favorite pattern?! By simply adding wallpaper to the back of a book case or along a single wall, you can make your room go from 0 to 60 on the fabulous scale in just an afternoon!

You get to pick the wallpaper!

We have designed a library, and right now it's a blank canvas ready to be made beautiful! So before we chose everything for the room, you dear readers get to pick the wall paper and paint. Fun!

Wallpaper for Powder Rooms

If you’re new to wallpaper and wanting to try it for the first time, a powder room is the perfect place! Half bathrooms are generally small, so they require less paper (that’s more money in your pocket!). And powder rooms usually have the door shut (even when not in use) so whatever wallcovering you choose does not have to coordinate with nearby rooms. Simply, it’s the perfect space to try something bold and unique.


We. Love. This. Color! It is the most wonderful green - a perfect combination of mint, leaf, and turquoise. Best of all, it's just slightly muted so it is not too garish yet it always feels vibrant. And we used it in a special way!

Lime Wash

I love how the watery whiteness softens the brick and makes the whole house seem more important. We carefully chose a trim color and a contrasting hue for the mulllions. The door is a yummy gray blue in the highest gloss finish. Needless to say, this house practically sold before the paint was dry!

Nature’s Essentials

Finding a versatile and light color that doesn’t look like “builders beige” is a wonderful moment for an interior designer! So often, pale neutrals can feel anemic and flatten a space in two coats, so having an arsenal of dynamic light neutrals is critical in this business. Nature’s Essentials (1521) by Benjamin Moore is one of the greatest paints I have ever stumbled upon.

Nature’s Essentials

Finding a versatile and light color that doesn’t look like “builders beige” is a wonderful moment for an interior designer! This color is one of the greatest I have ever stumbled upon - especially in open floor plans!

Custom Millwork

Wood paneling makes any room look polished. I adore it when it runs floor to ceiling, and wainscoting is just as lovely. But wood paneling “from scratch” takes time and a pretty penny. Yeah, it’s worth every nickel, but what can you do if you don't want to spend that kind of money?


It’s so hard to gauge the color of paint from images on the web, so take it from your good designer friend, Anne, “This color is phenomenal!” The name “Mizzle” sounds like the character from children’s book but the hue is anything but juvenile!

Mole’s Breath

I used to feel smug and superior around “nerds” who read the encyclopedia for fun. Then I realized do something equally, if not more, nerdy: I read paint fan decks for fun. Who is the nerd now?! If you want to know true, cheek-stinging embarrassment, accidentally chortle while reading a fan deck on an airplane. No one thinks that’s normal.