Featured Designers

Hanover Avenue Interviews Mintwood Home

We get a fun-filled glimpse into the mind and apartment of creative director and founder of Mintwood Home, Heloise McKee. She shows you how she did it all and we show you where to buy it all! When you watch her on film you will be her fan for life!

Hanover Avenue Interviews Lauren Liess

Ohhh, Amazing Lauren Liess! The fabulous designer with a flawless textile line and newly published a book generously made time to sit and chat with us on film like old friends (even thought we have never met!) She's carefully curated an aesthetic over the years that's simple, relaxed and natural - and guess what, it is a perfect reflection of her natural, relaxed and fun personality! We show you how to recreate this flawless bedroom, and you don't want to miss the fabulous videos of Sweet Lauren!

Hanover Avenue Interviews Eddie Ross

We are thrilled to have designer, style master, editor, and author, Eddie Ross, give you all an insider's peek at his flawless Manhattan apartment! Learn all of the money saving tips, styling gold, and coveted design secret that went into making this room so beautiful. Find out where to buy it all and how to re-create the look! Ooooh, we dooooo love Eddie!

Hanover Avenue Interviews Jennifer Schmidt

Get ready for a whole lotta amazing! Interior Design powerhouse and founder of Box of Chic, Jennifer Schmidt, designed an open floor plan living room to round out the kitchen and dining room from this month on Hanover Avenue! She reveals all of her hidden secrets, and we show you how to easily recreate the look from paint to fabric in your own happy nest. This living room is perfect for families!

Hanover Avenue Interviews Studio Matsalla About Her Dining Room

Hold onto your hats because Vanessa Matsalla, the Principal Designer and owner of Studio Matsalla, is our first guest designer at Hanover Avenue! Can we all just take a minute to soak in this fresh, coastal dining room that she designed for us?! It's hard to make a room look effortless, but Vanessa does it with ease. And It's our lucky day that we can now re-create a room designed by such a talent within our own four walls!

Hanover Avenue Designs a Summer Dream Closet with Rachel Yonan

Remember this room?! We designed this closet closely with Rachel Yonan of Touting My Wears, carefully placing every drawer, shelf, bar, and appliance (yes, appliances!) around what she imagined would work best for fashion if money were no object. The result is a swoon-worthy space that anyone can fall in love with! The best part: she has stocked the closet with all of her top picks for summer!! From "thread to bobble", everything that she loves and wants you to see for the season is hanging and folded with links to stores so you can buy it all! This is a must see!