Do & Don't

Greenway Gardens

Did you see all of the amazing potted trees and plants from The All Year Outdoor Room?! We teamed up with seasoned Landscape Designer Janet Baruch of Greenway Gardens! Janet is beloved by all who know her, and if you are ever lucky enough to meet her, you will be smitten! She carefully chose every plant you see on this terrace, and she wanted to share all of that with you lovely readers at the end of the Design Guide.

One of Our Favorite Fireplace Screens

We use this fireplace screen all the time for clients! You might say we over use it? And to that we'd say, "Something this fantastic and inexpensive (yet expensive looking!) is worth repeating!" It is durable as can be, and looks like it walked right out of a New York showroom. What's better is that it blends into any room while still adding stylish function. No matter the look of your fire place - modern or traditional - this little workhorse looks fabulous.

A Table With Box Style

We adore this table and we had so much fun styling it out! It has a bold profile so it could naturally handle high-impact goodies on top. Here is what we did:

Easter Bunnies

My little girls still believe in the Easter Bunny. I love listening to them explain how the bunny "works", debate whether or not the bunny is a girl or a boy, decide how big the rabbit it is.... I am going to be sad when these days are gone! So in honor of the magic of Easter that is upon us, we have pulled together a few of our favorite bunny things....

Animal Heads

I get it. Animal Heads are so trendy. But in my world, they have been on the walls forever, so I'm going think of them as "classics".

Nanny from Eloise

From an early age, I remember thinking, “Wow, poor Nanny looks AWFUL.” Now this is what I look like every morning. It wouldn’t matter if I got a full eight hours of sleep, I’d still wake up looking like I’d been hit with a stick. ((Incidentally, if there is a parent out there reading who gets eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, please help us understand how to accomplish that!)) I can’t recall when I turned the corner from fresh faced in the morning to ‘Hag at Dawn’, but here is what I know: If I’ll never again look amazing when I awake, I might as well look amazing while I’m asleep. So here are two beds of my dreams.


This article is going to expose my expiration date because I played with this little E.T. doll as kid. The bizarre fabric (One-Not-Found-In-Nature) and weird folds of this toy left a big impression on my little psyche, allowing me to name a whole variety of furniture, “E.T. Furniture.” See below if your eyes can handle it….