Design Tips

Build an Art Collection with the Reynolds Gallery

Want to start a serious art collection for a reasonable price?! We show you the how and why behind buying original art so you can make your house amazing - all while investing well! Come explore a curated collection of affordable art from the directors of Richmond, Virginia's highly acclaimed Reynolds Gallery. Best, they picked these pieces just for Hanover Avenue readers! *LINKS TO BUY IN STORY!

Artist Spotlight on Penny Ashford

Penny Ashford travels the globe to photograph her breathtaking water images.... and there is no photoshop here! This fantastic artist stays true to nature as she captures our beautiful world. Watch her fun video interview and learn more about her process and kind heart!

Art Books: Totally Do It!

We could use the better part of 5000 words telling you why we love a good art book, but for you fine readers, we'll just hit the interior design highlights of these intoxicating bundles of paper.

Transforming Vintage Lamps

This is The Tale of Two Uglies Who Turned into Babes! Once Upon a Time, we stumbled up a pair of blue darlings at the Antique Mall and thought, "Great bones. Bad hair day!" They looked so pitiful, but we knew there was potential, so here's what we did!

Insider Designer Tips with Janie Molster

If you watch no other video from Janie Molster, watch this! These are the true nuggets of gold from Janie's brilliant design mind! She knocked it out of the park in her living room and dining room for Hanover Avenue, but these tips and tricks will help you design any room in your house!

Using Wood Well

In this room, wood in all it's glory is king, and we highlight it every way possible! Raw, charred, polished, stained, encapsulated, repurposed, as a medium - you name it, you can find it here.

Asymmetrical Mantel

So often, clients get stumped when it comes to their mantle. It's the anchor for the room and can seem so intimidating - and things are only made worse when the art you love and want to put above it are not the best proportion for the fireplace. What to do?!

Radiator Covers

Installing radiator covers is one of the easiest and relatively inexpensive updates you can make to your house. It instantly polishes a room, but even better, it give you a usable and handsome surface.