Hanover Avenue Designs a Room for Everyone

For this week's Big Reveal, we wanted to tackle a challenge not many families face: designing a room for a child with a spectrum disorder. We’ve always believed there’s a way to accommodate any family’s concerns when it comes to interior design. Whether it’s making low ceilings seem higher or creating stylish yet accessible rooms for an elderly family member, you can still have a fabulous house while meeting careful considerations! Spectrum Disorders and Sensory Processing Disorders often present a design quandary for families, but by keeping your little one's needs at top of mind, designing for autism can reap a room everyone can enjoy. Here’s a look at what we did!

Hanover Avenue Designs: Using the pieces from an “Unfinished” Basement for a City Loft

Welp, we’re not in the basement anymore! Many of you may remember elements of this space as “The Unfinished Basement”, and as promised, we wanted to reveal how to use these same pieces in a sophisticated Brooklyn-style urban loft or pied-à-terre. While you don’t have to worry about flooding or cracks in this space, these “bulletproof” indoor/outdoor pieces still make for a worthy investment for the first-time homeowner or anyone who wants a stylish apartment. Super versatile and chic, they’ll always work anywhere, whether used together or arranged separately. Now, on to the loft!

Hanover Avenue Designs an “Unfinished” Basement

The basement can be a scary place: dark, damp and definitely the last room anyone wants to spend money when feathering their nest. Why invest big money if the room could easily flood, grow mold or even crack? Often, truly renovating a basement to bring it to “upstairs standards” is a Pandora’s box of unforeseen problems and dollar signs: underpinning, structural headaches, ancient electrical issues, cracked pipes…. “How can I make my basement stylish and usable without spending too much?” is the question I often hear from my clients. You have the space in your home, so why not use the real estate, right? Let us show you how.