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Art Books. Do it!

I could use the better part of 5000 words telling you why I love a good art book, but for you fine readers, I will just hit the interior design highlights of these intoxicating bundles of paper.

Lantern Love

Lanterns in kitchens are ever chic so these are our top picks in several price points! Get lost in these timeless fixtures . . . click ROOM STORY for all store links!

Sneak Peek at an Affordable Bedroom Retreat

You all voted and the police officer's family from Florida won the virtual room makeover, and *wowie* is it ever a fabulous transformation! Here is a little sneak peek. Best, it's all a phenomenal price - perfect for hardworking families who know how to stretch a dime.

Sneak Peek at A True Reader’s Library

We see them all the time: flawless home libraries that look like the smartest, most stylish, most well traveled person on earth lives there. Published libraries in houses from the glossy pages and glowing screens are fabulous, but isn't it always more fun to feel like you really know what someone reads?! After all, books tell you so much about a person. Well, now you can see it all! Check out this amazing collaboration with Sarah Dickinson, the outstanding book blogger, of Sarah's Book Shelves!


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Greenway Gardens

Did you see all of the amazing potted trees and plants from The All Year Outdoor Room?! We teamed up with seasoned Landscape Designer Janet Baruch of Greenway Gardens! Janet is beloved by all who know her, and if you are ever lucky enough to meet her, you will be smitten! She carefully chose every plant you see on this terrace, and she wanted to share all of that with you lovely readers at the end of the Design Guide.

Plates Giveaway Day!

Look at what the fabulous guys of Williams & Sherrill are up to now! They wanted one lucky reader to have six dinner plates and six salad plates that we featured on The All Year Outdoor Room. Unbreakable, dishwasher safe, and so fabulous in person, you'll have to touch them to believe they are not ceramic. I barely stayed standing when I saw them! See how easy it is to win . . .

What’s in Rachel’s Closet?

By now you know that Rachel curated a fabulous collection for Summer, and if you didn't realize that, take a long stroll through the buying guide! She has a honed eye for fashion and picked versatile pieces that any girl would kill to own!

Sneak Peek at The Dream Closet

What if we could see into every drawer and cabinet of a total fashionista's dream closet?! What if we could snoop at every bag, every shoe, every bathing suit, every bottle of perfume?! ENTER, RACHEL YONAN!

Resolving a Tricky Window Wall

There is always a solution to every problem, and we wanted to show you a little behind the scenes of the challenges of this room. True Design 101 at work on this window wall!

The Winner of the pillow is…!

It's not every day that you get to win something from Studio Matsalla, but Vanessa Matsalla is just that cool! She is a super talented interior designer that works all over the country, and she is also our first Contributing Designer for Anne Tollett Home! We cannot wait for you all to see the dining room she designed which will publish this summer! Watch the video to see who wins!