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6 Design Tips To Create A Well-Traveled Interior With Bunny Williams Home

Skirted Wooden Stool
Indigo Pillow
Mother of Pearl Box
Blue Table Lamp
Wooden Dresser
Hourglass Table

Photo by Bunny Williams Home

Want a glimpse behind the curtain before you get all the tips? Here is Jennifer Potter’s fun interview with Anne! She is the COO of Bunny Williams Home, and she explains why snapping up one of Bunny’s pieces is worth every nickel….

Video editing by pigsalreadyfly

1. Use at least “one of every material” – Not unlike layering textiles, but different in an important way. Try having at least one thing be wood, metal, glass, stone, ceramic, etc. in a room. For example, pair a marble-top end table with a molded glass coffee table, and mix a chrome floor lamp with a raw edge wooden stool. This way, a room seems to include every element effortlessly. Do you see this trick at work in Bunny Williams Home’s image above and Audrey Margarite’s image below? We love it!

Photo by Domino Magazine

2. Mix movements of furniture – A great trick is choosing iconic pieces from different eras that echo each other. For example, Art Deco Furniture looks great with 1980’s mod. Mid-Century Modern looks great with Federal Furniture. Look at Annie Selke’s mid-century lamps on that federal style dresser below…. Mix it UP! Audrey Margarite also shows us how this is done like a pro!

Photo by Annie Selke Interiors

3. Combine more than one variety of a material. Believe it or not, this really is a fabulous trick! If you have a brass lamp, place it next to a sterling bowl to vary your metals. If you have a wooden sideboard, pair it with a painted wooden chest to mix up the wooden elements. If you have a marble table top use an alabaster lamp elsewhere in the room to add more stone. See how Annie Selke mixes the wooden dresser and painted wooden bedside chests in the image above? Tres chic!

Photo by Anne Hulcher Tollett

4. Layer textiles like crazy – Don’t be afraid to blend chinz with linen, sterling with lucite, velvet with leather. As long as there is a uniting color palette or motif, the more varied the textiles, the richer a room becomes. Anne practices what she preaches in her own living room (above) and so do the fab gents of Parker Kennedy Living (below)!

Photo by Christina Wedge

5. Bring in natural elements. Add stones you have collected, shells from your travels, a sculptural tree, or even just a pretty vase of flowers. This gives life to a room and the look of a globetrotting homeowner. And if you don’t have those items from trips, no one ever has to know that you bought them! Ashley Darryl is masterful at building collections like this….obelisk envy below!

Photo by Evan Browning

6. Add something black. This is an age old trick! A black lamp shade, a black fireplace hearth, a black box, or a black monogram on a pillow…. Even in the whitest rooms, a small hit of black gives a room depth and edge – Hey Vanessa Matsalla, we’re looking at you, Sister. Keep and eye out for this tip moving forward as you browse rooms you love most – we bet you a Slurpee you will see hit of black!

Photo by Molly Jean

Photo by Bunny Williams Home

See? We doooo luuuvvvv a room that feels ‘collected’ – stacked with interesting pieces that each seem to have their own story, a combination of vintage/antique pieces, as well as contemporary items that are either constructed of an unexpected material or introduce unusual angles. Legendary designer Bunny Williams has become known for creating rooms just like this, filled with moving foils of furniture and fabrics from various times and places. So it seems only natural that her home line, Bunny Williams Home, would be a nod towards what she does so well, and boy are we lucky to have access to all of these treasures!! From Neo-Classical to Mughal, Aztec to Gustavian, Bunny and her team have pulled inspiration from a variety of important periods in design and put together a collection that feels worldly and well traveled.

Shop The Look

A brand new line of Bunny’s furniture and accessories launches TODAY! Check out a few of our new favvvy faves to give your pad a well-traveled vibe!

And below, you can snag any or all of the pieces we have selected to create a Well-Traveled Interior, all of which are found through Bunny Williams Home. These would look fabulous together or mixed in with what you already own! I’m confident Santa can fit an end table and a pillow down my chimney, just sayin’….

#FlawlessDesignForAll, and remember pinning is winning!



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