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Sneak Peek at “Fresh and Durable Living Room!”

The winners of the next Virtual Room Makeover are two of the nicest people on earth. They are the loving mother and father of adorable little boys, and they - like so many of us hardworking parents - surrendered one of the rooms in their beautiful house to get through the "toddler years". Raise your hand if you have had to do that too?! ((both of my hands are raised!)) But now that their little ones can safely walk up the stairs to the playroom, they can use this fabulous front room as the living room it was meant to be!

The Winner of the Phenomenal Lamp is…!

To all of you wonderful readers who entered this fun contest with us, WE LOVE YOU! You make our days so fun! Watch the video to see who wins! This contest was sponsored by the Village Idiot cat who eats Irises and photobombs - naturally.

You get to pick the wallpaper!

We have designed a library, and right now it's a blank canvas ready to be made beautiful! So before we chose everything for the room, you dear readers get to pick the wall paper and paint. Fun!

You get to vote!

We are thrilled so many of you wanted us to design your rooms, and we wish we could have done them all! Alas, we can only do one at a time, so we narrowed it down to three, and we'll leave it to you lovely readers to decide which one gets a makeover . . . .

One of Our Favorite Fireplace Screens

We use this fireplace screen all the time for clients! You might say we over use it? And to that we'd say, "Something this fantastic and inexpensive (yet expensive looking!) is worth repeating!" It is durable as can be, and looks like it walked right out of a New York showroom. What's better is that it blends into any room while still adding stylish function. No matter the look of your fire place - modern or traditional - this little workhorse looks fabulous.


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A Free Room Makeover for you?

Do you want to see your room virtually redesigned on Anne Tollett Home? Send us a little note in the comment section below to let us know if you are interested in being the next winner of a free Room Makeover! ((And no, Mom, you can't enter - I'll do your room for free because I love you!))

A Table With Box Style

We adore this table and we had so much fun styling it out! It has a bold profile so it could naturally handle high-impact goodies on top. Here is what we did:

Easter Bunnies

My little girls still believe in the Easter Bunny. I love listening to them explain how the bunny "works", debate whether or not the bunny is a girl or a boy, decide how big the rabbit it is.... I am going to be sad when these days are gone! So in honor of the magic of Easter that is upon us, we have pulled together a few of our favorite bunny things....

Nature’s Essentials

Finding a versatile and light color that doesn’t look like “builders beige” is a wonderful moment for an interior designer! This color is one of the greatest I have ever stumbled upon - especially in open floor plans!

Animal Heads

I get it. Animal Heads are so trendy. But in my world, they have been on the walls forever, so I'm going think of them as "classics".

Nanny from Eloise

From an early age, I remember thinking, “Wow, poor Nanny looks AWFUL.” Now this is what I look like every morning. It wouldn’t matter if I got a full eight hours of sleep, I’d still wake up looking like I’d been hit with a stick. ((Incidentally, if there is a parent out there reading who gets eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, please help us understand how to accomplish that!)) I can’t recall when I turned the corner from fresh faced in the morning to ‘Hag at Dawn’, but here is what I know: If I’ll never again look amazing when I awake, I might as well look amazing while I’m asleep. So here are two beds of my dreams.